Muse ~ Sun and Stars

The radio played the song at least once every hour; no matter which station she turned to, it was there. She’d resigned herself. She wouldn’t get away from it.
“You just heard ‘Sun and Stars’ by Guy Folks. Up for no less than 3 Grammies for his first album, this overnight sensation has yet to be interviewed. Can you believe the depth of that song John?”
“It’s actually surprising that a complex and dark song like this one became such a hit. In an era where bubblegum pop is the norm, this song actually is a breath of fresh air. Well… it’s haunted to say the least. And I must say, I wouldn’t want to be the girl.”

Yep, they wouldn’t want to be the girl. Only she was the girl. And she was terrified. Now that he had money and fame, what would protect her from him? She’d moved cities, changed names and jobs. She’d had a career in a good law firm and now she was working in a diner in the middle of nowhere Alabama.

“Hey Jodie, a rock’n’rolla for table 4.”
She grabbed the menu from the counter and made her way to table 4. And froze. How could he be here? How did he find her?
“Sit with me Heather. or is it Jodie now?”
She placed the food in front of him. But remained upright. She wasn’t going to sit down. She knew what he could do.
“How did you find me?”
“That’s the thing about being a star honey. Everyone’s trying to please me. Except you. I said sit down.”
“Not going to.”
He stood and grabbed her wrist.
“Let me go Guy. You may be hot stuff but that doesn’t mean these guys won’t kick your ass if you hurt me.”
“Let them try.” He showed her the gun in its holster.
“Jodie? Everything ok?”

Guy’s look meant everything she needed to know.
“For now Richie. I’m good. I’m taking my break now ok?”
Richie would know something was up. She never took her break in the middle of shift. But he didn’t say anything. Good man.
“Now. Sit. Down.” The tone was pre-emptory and she knew better than disobey. He’d hit her before. She sat.
“What do you want Guy?”
“You know what I want. I want you back. With me. Now.”
“Are you out of your mind? That’s not happening. Not after what you did.”
“You can’t leave me Heather. You’re my muse, my inspiration. I love you.”

She took a deep breath.
“Guy, you lost the right to claim loving me the day you first hit me.”
“Look I know I hurt you. I’m sorry.”
“Not this time Guy. Not after…”
“I know… I wrote a song about it you know. It’s nr.2 on the chart, just behind ‘Sun and Stars’. Can you believe it? I’m a Top 40. Thanks to you. But now you’re gone and I can’t write anymore.”
“And what do you want me to say Guy? Fuck you! For turning me into a punching bag. For killing our baby. I don’t care if I was your Muse, if you made me Queen of the world. I left. You and I are done.”
“No we’re not. You’re mine. My inspiration. Mine Heather.”

He pulled the gun and aimed it at her. She should have known the song was more than that. He truly believed she was his. That somehow because he loved her, she didn’t belong to herself anymore.
“You do know that if you kill me, you’ll never have any chance to get me back.”
He pulled the trigger. Or he didn’t. The loud bang was all she heard.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Muse


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    1. MyLovingWife says:

      I’m still not sure whether she died or he is the one who got shot 😛 . But yes it is dark…

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