100 Book Challenge ~ Teaser

So this past Thursday I posted the BBC list of 100 books to read before you die.

Lynn Love from Word Shamble asked what timeline I intended to work with; since there were so many comments – thank you very much for that – you may not have seen my answer.

The idea is to dedicate two weeks per book I have never read and posting a review about one I have read in between. So every Wednesday starting two days from now, I’ll post a review of one book. This means it should take me almost two years (100 weeks out of 104) to finalize this.

I’ve been known to read fast; however I want to have a realistic schedule otherwise I’ll let it go. And I don’t want to. I’m very excited about this.

Because the books I’ve already read are scattered among the list and since it is a bit of a budget to purchase all the books I don’t have in my library already, I won’t follow the list order.
I’ve made an approximation with e-Readers and I’m looking at 250€ (around $325) at least, which all considered isn’t that much over the course of two years but still needs to be fitted into my monthly budget. And some I will have to purchase in paperback/ hardcover because they don’t exist in e-Reader format (The Faraway Tree collection for example).
Truth is I prefer to handle books but 100 books wouldn’t fit on my bookshelves at this time. And budget wise it would be a little crazy.

Also some of the books I’ve read in French exclusively so I’m still debating whether to re-read them in English or not. I’ve already made up my mind that I won’t read the French literature in English, because well… it’d be weird. Concerning the foreign literature I haven’t decided: I know the translation is as important as the book itself. Picking up a bad translation is worse than anything.

So if anyone has advice on translation I should get specifically for Marquez and Coelho I’d be grateful. I’ve procured Tolstoi and Dostoyevski in both English and French but their work is now free of rights.

I’m currently reading Anne of Green Gables for the very first time: it surprises even me, since I lived in Canada for 10 years and heard about this book so many times I should have picked it up there. But I didn’t… So on Wednesday September 21st, you’ll get my review of it.

For this upcoming Wednesday… I’ll discuss the one book I would have with me even on a desert island, the book  I’ve read so many times I ruined two copies in 4 years (and the translation wasn’t even that good something I discovered when I read it for the first time in English).

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  1. Scarlet says:

    I’d be nice to read the books in their native language, I did speak German as a kid, and I did a semester of French in HS, but now unfortunately Maths is my only other language. I’m glad you liked Anne of Greengables, I read that in my tweens I should re-read it.


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