Passionate ~ Bookworm

Awe was the first thing she felt when she entered the room. Could they truly expect her to catalogue all these? She was a new Librarian; that was what it entailed. But she could read some too: as long as she didn’t do so during her working hours and as long as she returned them.

Ella always loved books; ever since she was old enough to recognize words, she’d bothered parents and siblings alike to read. Nobody was remotely surprised when it proved to be her gift at the academy. They called to her, she would sometimes, say. But it was something more; something she hadn’t even dared to hope. She hadn’t even entertained the thought. Sure, she was passionate about reading; she’d read the entire school library in her four years there. But being here. All because the Deputy of the Library advised the Head of Education: the latter summoned her. And now she was a Librarian, a Keeper of the knowledge, a Guardian of their civilization.

So she catalogued… She started with the lower levels: she read as much as she sorted and organized. Few people came inside the archives ever. So nobody really knew when she read a few pages. And when her day was over, she staid. She read through the night, a couple of candles and a pot of tea to keep her company. Sometimes she floated to the top of the tower, lost in the story, before she realized she had to go back down to earth. She would need more than a lifetime to read all these. Good thing she was a Librarian; theirs span the lives of nine mortals.

In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Passionate and inspired by this image by AquaSixio


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