Jump ~ Change of Mind

It was the moment and she wasn’t sure. Maybe it was a good thing. And yet it wasn’t.

She’d planned this so perfectly well: the day, the time, what she’d wear. She’d prepared for this.
She wasn’t afraid per se and yet; there was no coming back from the jump. Once she jumped – if she did – she couldn’t turn around and change her mind. Better hesitate now than after.

“Jump,” she admonished herself. “That’s why you came here for. That’s what you wanted.”
She took a deep breath. She had wanted this; she wasn’t going to turn back. It would be cowardice to do so. Or would it be sanity? She shook her head. It was now or never. She jumped.

And laughed. She was flying… Well she would have to pull on the latch to open her parachute soon but for now, she felt like a bird. And the view was everything she’d hoped; the weather was ideal, and the scenery was just exactly how she’d imagined. No, it wasn’t true, it was better. Better than anything she could have imagined. And to think she almost didn’t jump.

It was just amazing. Eventually she pulled to open the parachute. She went through the process as per the training she’d received and preparations she’d gone through. Her very first solo jump; it was everything she could have hoped. When she landed, she felt as if she were still flying. The adrenalin didn’t go away for a long time; by the time it did, she was already planning her next jump.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Jump


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