Test ~ In The Face of Danger…

She took a deep breath: fear had been her constant companion since she arrived in the city. This was merely another test of her resolve, of her power. But it was one that demanded a greater sacrifice. Her soul; well she was exaggerating but one could do so when fear threatened to overwhelm them.

She had no idea if she could hide her magic in the act of love. She shook her head: it wasn’t love. It was a sham: there was no love. He couldn’t love her. She didn’t love him: she needed him to trust her. Then she could do what she must.

Ezariah stood taking a deep breath. In a whoosh of silk and gauze she left her room and stepped through the corridors to the apartment of a man who could kill her in one spell. She wasn’t so stupid as to think she was stronger than he was. She knocked and opened once invited… And stopped dead in her tracks.

In the small entrance stood Helia, an adult Helia, in all the beauty that she was meant to possess. Her golden skin shone brightly even in the low light, the emerald gown enhancing her gorgeous eyes. She was absolutely stunning yet her face held nothing but contempt. And he stood beside her, his eyes storming with anger even though his countenance was relaxed.

She didn’t know whether she should speak but it was Helia who broke the silence with a coldness that stabbed her.
“Ezariah. It’s been a long time.”
There wad pride in the way she held herself. Something Ezariah always thought not to find in her sister. She whispered.
“Thirteen years, three moons and four days.”
“You lied to me Ezariah.” He said.
She looked at him, faking surprise, although she didn’t have to pretend to be afraid.
“Your sister tells me you have magic.”

Here was the test: the one that would kill her and all hope for the worlds. And it was her sister who offered it. She straightened.
“I do my Lord but I didn’t lie.”
“You DARE.”
She should cower she knew that; but she couldn’t.
“You never asked me if I had magic. And my Lord why would I risk your wrath? I told you the truth: my father sent me away because of what I was. I saved my sister from the wasting fever and they sent me away. Punished me. Magic wasn’t a gift: why should I wield it proudly, advertise it? It only sundered me from the only person who ever loved me exactly the way I was.”
Helia’s face had paled. She never knew: she truly never knew.

Ezariah curtsied head bowed offered. He might kill her yet. But he must know she knew it; and didn’t attempt to escape it.
“I am at your disposal your Highness.”
“So you are.”


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Test


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