Daring ~ Through the Storm

She looked at the screens, adding and subtracting the numbers, multiplying or dividing the results. She calculated the entire thing again. In the silence of the room she did what she did best. She might as well have been alone although she wasn’t. Nobody would have dared coughing though. It would have amused her if she hadn’t been so focused on what she needed to do. No… the silence seemed eerie like the calm before the storm. And then she dropped one word: Germinal.

Thunder cracked in the room, breaking the silence, unleashing the tempest she knew the word would cause. That was why she’d recalculated everything hundreds of times in the past three weeks. But it was certain. She was certain. Voices rose and fell like gusts of wind. Fists were banged on the table like claps of thunder. And then silence again, as the President stood and turned to her.
“It’s a daring move Ms. Shaw. One that could bankrupt us if we make the wrong choice.”

She looked him in the eyes, stood as well.
“Mr. Henschel, you asked me to come here with a strategy for this company. I’ve made my presentation. I’ve crunched the numbers more times than you can imagine. I did it again now as you asked. This is my advice. If you miss this opportunity… we won’t ever recoup the losses it will cause. You will go bankrupt if you don’t take that decision.”
“Thank you. We will take your advice under consideration.”

They weren’t going to do it. She could tell: they were too terrified of thinking outside the box, of charting the more daring course. But if they didn’t ride the storm to its centre they would never get out of it. Besides not one of these 12 gentlemen – except Mr. Henschel – thought a woman could read and analyse the data they’d provided her with better than their “star” analyst Ian Irving. But Irving was a fraud. She couldn’t prove it now but if they followed his strategy they would not only see it but experience the worst a guy like him could cause. The ship would sink and Irving – like a good rat – would be gone before it did.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Daring


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