Argument ~ Revelation

It all started with an argument: a stupid one really. Jason wanted to eat pizza; she didn’t. She wanted to go home: she was tired. And she had some tests tomorrow that she couldn’t afford flunking. But the night had only just started; she couldn’t want to go back to her parents’ place now. Did she not like his company?
“Of course I do stupid,” she’d answered playfully. “I…” She hesitated.
“You can’t even say it.”
“That you love me. You can’t even say it. I do. I tell you I love you.”
“And I you.”
“You see?”
“We were talking about food.”
And now they weren’t. She wasn’t sure how this derailed.
“Well now we’re talking about the fact that you never say you love me.”

“Maybe she doesn’t.” A male voice rose behind them.
And surrounding them were others. Three men, tall and menacing. Their path had led them to the small alleyways near the theatre they left 10 minutes before. They were 2 streets away from the main avenues but here… there was nothing. Jason pulled her against him. What was he going to do? He couldn’t do anything. What did these men want?
“Mel, close your eyes. No matter what happens, what you hear, keep them close.”
“Baby, for once please, don’t argue with me.”
She didn’t. His tone forbade it. It was a first. But he was deadly serious. Something terrible would happen if she opened her eyes. She felt it. She nodded. She closed her eyes.

In a moment, she felt Jason move. Suddenly she was without him and his absence left her terrified. His contact had kept her reassured obviously. Now there was nothing but darkness and emptiness. They were sounds about her, whooshing sounds like wings.
“Mel down.”
Jason’s voice was filled with fear and anger. She obeyed; she didn’t even think. She sat on her heels bringing her arms around her legs, as fear spread. Something passed over her head: like a scythe. She wanted to see what was going on. But he’d said not to open her eyes.

Something sped beside her, on her left. Then on the right. They were flying things. She gasped, cried out. She must open… No he’d said to keep her eyes closed. Suddenly a bright light came through her closed lids. So bright it hurt. She buried her head between her arms. She knew what this was; she was raised the way she was. She’d been dating a freaking angel. And she had to stay still, not move until he told her she could. Well there might be another type of argument when that happened.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Argument


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