In/Out ~ Pranksters or Bullies?

“That’s it, I’m out.”
Stacy and Lydia turned to Margot. Their shock was obvious; and there was disappointment in their gaze. What? Did they truly expect her to continue with this? It was one thing to play a prank on a guy who was popular and who would rebound from it faster than anyone could say his name. But to do that to Stephen would be downright cruel.

“What do you mean? You said you were in.”
“No. No. I said I was in to play your stupid prank on Jason. Now you’ve changed the rules. What you’re doing is bullying.”
Lydia frowned.
“Why is it a prank with Jason but not Stephen?”
“Oh my God. Lydia!”

Did she really have to explain? She shook her head and turned. Stacy blocked her way out of the changing rooms.
“Come on Margot. She’s got a point. Why is it different?”
“If I have to explain this to you…”
“Well do. We’re all ears. Is it because Jason dumped you and not Stephen.”
“Fuck you!”

She pushed her aside.
“Yes, I guess that’s what it is Lydia. A prank on Jason would be her revenge. It’s not as interesting on Stephen.”
Margot turned around and straightened.
“I don’t care about Jason. It’s got nothing to do with revenge. But you both know that Jason will get back at us when he finds out we pulled the prank. Stephen never will because no one would ever help him with anything.”

She raised an eyebrow coyly.
“Besides. You also both know that Jason won’t have any qualms standing naked in front of the entire school. He would do it on a dare for fuck’s sake. Stephen will be humiliated. You don’t know what the results could be. So yes I’m out. And I’ll let him know.”
“You wouldn’t snitch.” Lydia said.
“Watch me.”
She crossed her arms.

Stacy’s face had drawn into a frown though. Well maybe she was thinking about the sort of situation they were going to put Stephen in.
“You’re a killer-joy Margot.” She eventually said. “But you’re right.”
“What? You’re siding with her. Come on Stacy. It’s just a bit of fun.”
“Really? How would you feel about having to walk naked around school?”

Lydia looked down and raised an eyebrow, her smile getting snarky. Well she was hot. But her parents would never let her get out of the house again if she ever pulled a stunt like that.
“Ok fine. But I still don’t get why it’s ok to put Jason in that situation and not Stephen.”
Margot rolled her eyes.
“It probably isn’t Lydia. It’s a stupid prank.”
“Oh come on it would be funny.”
“I’m telling you. Jason wouldn’t even mind. Dare him to do it on graduation day. Or bet him something you know he’ll never manage. And he’ll do it.”

Lydia and Stacy’s face lit up with an evil look. Oh shit, she shouldn’t have said anything. They gazed at each other, then at her. She was in trouble.
“Oh no. No don’t even think about it. I am not doing that.”
“Come on, what are the chances of you really going back with Jason?”
“Er none. Like ever.”
“Right. So we’ll bet him he can’t win you back.”
“Oh my God. He cheated on me. Why would he want to win me back?”
“For the chance to see us both naked at graduation.”

She threw her arms in the air. They were out of their minds.
“As long as I’m not party to the naked bet, you do what you want. I don’t care.”
Her two friends started laughing as they got out of the changing rooms. No wonder they got in so much trouble. But at least she’d managed to avoid a potentially dangerous situation: Stephen wouldn’t have survived another humiliating situation like that. Maybe it was time Margot did something for a confidence boost. Help him out in one way or another.
Well one way to ensure Jason didn’t get back with her by prom night… No she probably was the one out of her mind now. Stephen wasn’t a project: he was a person with feelings.


In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturday prompt in/out


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  1. Michael says:

    What a fascinating response Stephanie, I love the conclusion the character comes to at the end….

    Liked by 1 person

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