Wordle #127 ~ Impending Rescue


Lord Worthington wiped the thin film of sweat that covered his brow despite the cool temperature. It distracted him from the fact he was ready to knock his man on the head to silence him. Jasper’s eschatological discourses were getting on Worthington’s nerves. And a quick glance around him revealed he was not the only one whose patience was wearing thin.

Sure the adverse weather had slowed their progress and they all looked like some bedraggled beggars instead of her Majesty’s finest. Still it did not mean they were headed to Judgment Day just yet. Still the Commander was not so stupid as to think the circumstances were all the reasoning behind his over zealous man.
He must acknowledge for certain their presence here had a heathen significance. For what good Christian would be here, wrapped in the cloak of darkness – and an awful storm that drouked them to the bones – to steal away a woman whose spirit may have been claimed by the outlandish obeah? He hoped not. Still was it not the right thing to do? Return the Lady to her world.

Maybe the discourse was needed: Worthington was aware he had deceived his men. He had not told them why he was so intent on recovering the woman. Not the entire truth of it. His second may have guessed: he and McNeill had gone through too much for the Scot not to know his Commander’s reasons. Sure it was his fault: the priest was right. He had given Lady Wellingham over to a dark magic. He would bring her back. Try to. So they waited for the sentry to return.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie writing prompt Wordle #127
1. Adverse 2. Wrap 3. Drouk (verb. To wet thoroughly. To drench.) 4. Film 5. Certain 6. Seam 7. Bedraggle (Verb. To make limp and soiled.) 8. Debris 9. Eschatology (Any system of doctrines concerning last, or final, matters, as death,the Judgment, the future state, etc. The branch of theology dealing with such matters.) 10. Glance 11. Sentry 12. Deceive


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  1. Glad you send him back for Lady Worthington!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think he was ready to leave her. Not sure what happened while he was at the tavern… 😛


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