Door to Nowhere

It was folly. Jenny argued against it but Felicia was stubborn. And she knew more about these things than Jenny did. Jenny wasn’t as clever or knowledgeable. She still told Felicia it was a stupid idea. But Jenny could never really resist Felicia anyway. Sometimes she tried like now, because she really was scared. But Felicia always was stronger.
They stood in front of the door; their very common door really. It was a small townhouse they’d found. Nobody would have known that as common as the house looked, it was anything but. Still the real estate agent didn’t struggle too much when they offered half the price he asked for it.
Jenny might have believed it was because the market was at its lowest in the past ten years if she hadn’t known exactly what Felicia did. She’d just hocus pocused the man until he said yes. And now they were here.

“Do it.” Felicia commanded. And as usual Jenny obeyed; Felicia was too strong-willed for Jenny to resist her. She never could and never would.
Jenny opened the door… As every morning they found the rush-hour traffic. Maybe that was the reason the house didn’t sell. It was noisy morning and evening. But it must be the same for the neighbours and they didn’t seem to mind.
“Oh God. Jenny you’re useless.”
Jenny blushed. She wasn’t as gifted as her cousin with magic. Really it was as if her gift was as shy as she was. Especially around Felicia who was always using her powers as if they were so easy to control. Well good for her, but Jenny was terrified of making a mistake, exposing them.

Felicia shoved her aside. She slammed the door shut before she took the handle.
“It’s not that difficult Jenny really. It’s just a question of focusing. You’re so empty-headed.”
She wasn’t empty-headed; she was paralysed by Felicia’ personality. And maybe if she lived on her own, she would find who she truly was: as it were, she merely was Felicia’s shadow. She was no one.

Felicia opened the door and behind it was nothing… a big fat nothing. It seemed a place of clouds and fluff. A door to nowhere. It was crazy; they could get lost in there. Felicia’s gift would be useless in there. If for any reason the door closed… The thought paralysed Jenny for a second. And then her hands moved by themselves. Before she could realize what she’d done, Jenny had pushed Felicia outside. Her cousin screamed but the door was closed in a second.

The rush of freedom that coursed through Jenny made her sigh, joy spread through her entire being. She was free. Sparkles appeared around her, sparkles of joy. She was laughing, laughing freely. Felicia was gone, beyond the door to nowhere. Felicia would no longer tell her she was stupid or useless. Everything felt magical, every particle in the air seemed to sing to her. She was surrounded by magic. She was pure magic. She was pure joy, pure freedom… Who could have known that Felicia’s overwhelming temper had repressed Jenny’s almost unlimited power for years. Soon Jenny was gone too… she was part of the magic of the world.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver prompt #96 What you see out your front door and in response to the Daily Post writing prompt Folly

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  1. Michael says:

    I read this a few times to get what i thought was happening. I like that the underdog comes to realise her potential and rid herself of the bully in her life…great contribution of this week’s TW Stephanie….thanks for participating, beautifully written as always..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Jenny surprised me and herself too I believe 😉.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Michael says:

        You have to love that happening…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. CB says:

    I love how this story is small enough to fit in your pocket yet you manage to fit so much detail into it as well as finish with a very satisfying ending. That was a very enjoyable read.

    Liked by 1 person

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