Gathering of a Fellowship

Her parents didn’t understand. Who cared what ‘moot’ really meant? She’d always thought it referred to a gathering: ever since she’d read The Lord of the Rings, she’d associated moot with a meeting of friends. After all, that was what the Entmoot was: a gathering of Ents to discuss the issues and what was happening in Isengard at the time.

So yes now she knew that moot meant a sterile debate or debatable or even theoretical. But it didn’t really matter. For her it would always be first and foremost a gathering of friends around a book or not. Of course she would rarely speak about it. Who needed to be called nerd when they already weren’t the most popular at school? Yeah no one. So she didn’t speak about it except with like-minded people. There weren’t that many in her town but the internet wad a marvelous thing: sure her parents thought she was being anti-social. Internet relationships didn’t replace real life exchanges and they always said that ‘one never knew who hid behind a screen name.’ Sure but these people living thousands of kilometers away felt more real than those around her. There were part of a Fellowship.

Besides they got her: they knew why she’d lurked on a message board for month before she dove into the fray. They understood why she felt the need to escape in that special imaginary world. They guessed then discussed her insecurities and why this was a safe and great place. So yes her parents didn’t understand why she’d want to hop on a train and attend a Moot in Birmingham, Oxford, Paris or Amsterdam… or worse yet buy a plane ticket and go to the USA to meet people she’d only ever exchanged with on a board.

Nor did they get it when she started dating a guy from the community. Yet when they met him, they realized that he was as real as they were. And when friends from abroad visited her, they met real people with real names and real lives. Not a screen name anymore. And when she married that guy, they understood what moot meant to her. For it was a gathering of family and beloved friends. There were no high school classmate, a couple of university friends but mostly a tight knot of friends of the soul. And they had all come to witness the joining of like minded friends.
Now her parents understood.


In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consiousness Saturday prompt Moot

A special dedication to my LOTR friends. Unlike the character in this short stream of consciousness, I might not have married a nerd like myself in the end but like her, theirs have been friendships that have lasted through more than 14 years (going on 15 this upcoming April). And we have attended each other’s wedding whenever possible. We have supported each other in the happy and difficult moments. One of ours is getting martied in June.
I carry your friendship and our fellowship in my heart forever.

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