100 Book Challenge ~ Update

Hey everyone,

So I’m sure some of you have noticed but I messed up my schedule for the past couple of weeks. I was actually supposed to review Shakespeare’s Complete Works on December 7th, Rebecca on December 14th and The Hobbit on December 21st. I didn’t miss the 7th on purpose, I genuinely inverted Rebecca and Shakespeare. I had started Shakespeare some time before since – a bit like the Bible – it’s a marathon book. But I thought 3 weeks would be enough.

Then last week ended up being entirely too crazy at work so there was no way I could finish it, although I’ve been through a good chunk of it. I may not have finished them all by Wednesday but I will have a review ready for you. I actually decided not to re-read a few that I’ve read many times. For example I won’t re-read Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, both of which I really enjoyed and MacBeth, which I re-read a little while ago after seeing the movie with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, to name but a few. I might even skip Othello and Hamlet although it’s a shame.
So yes, this coming Wednesday I’ll catch up with the Bard himself. Two weeks late.

Also I realized on Thursday that I had yet to purchase Birdsong and The Time Traveller’s Wife, the former being due on December 28th (so just after Shakespeare now) and the latter during the second week of January. I might have to pause this challenge because I might be in the hospital for a couple of days: nothing to worry about but not necessarily a good time to write or read. I’ll see how things happen. “Il ne faut pas tirer de plans sur la comète”, as we said in French.


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