New Beginnings

The last time I saw Jenny Lavoie was the first day of my new life.
You see it was the first time I stood up for myself; Jenny Lavoie had been traumatizing me since we were kids. For some stupid reason, our parents decided we should be best friends when we were like 6 months old. Only neither of us really wanted to: and Jenny ensured everyone knew how much she hated me.

The first time Jenny hit me, we were 3 years old I think. We’d been at my parents and she wanted one of my toys: not as in play with it and then leave it when she left. No. She wanted me to give her my toy. When I said no, she hit me. And I let her have it. She left with it and my parents didn’t ask hers to give it back. It seemed normal to them: or maybe they thought it was because we were becoming the best friends they intended us to be.

Throughout our school years, Jenny was my nightmare but I never could say anything. I tried one time to tell my parents she wasn’t perfect. It was the last time I attempted to make them see her the way I – and many other teenagers – saw her. They said I was just jealous because she was popular and I wasn’t. Thanks Mom and Dad for the support. Assholes!

The first time she called me ‘fat piggy’ in front of everyone, I blushed to my roots. I wasn’t really even fat although I did have love handles. But I didn’t talk back, I didn’t hit her. I stood there silently. It wasn’t the last time she humiliated me in front of everyone.
For some reason she enjoyed pretending to be friends by passing by our house. My parents loved her, more than they loved me. They never understood how much I loathed Jenny and she loathed me until that last time I met her. It was also the last time I set foot in my parents’ house. Fuck them and their attempt to make me be friends with that sociopath. Because Jenny was a sociopath. She enjoyed torturing people in many ways: I was just her favourite victim. Because I never once stood up for myself.

You might wonder what happened the last time I saw Jenny. Well, I had finally finally got a date. For prom no less. With Jenny around, it really was a tough one. When she wasn’t hurting me she was talking every potential date off going out with me. But instead of my date came Jenny. My parents were surprised. I’m not sure whether they really thought whether we were dating… But I was furious.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
She started laughing.
“Did you really think you had a date? You’re so pathetic… I planned it all. Your face… it’s priceless.”

I think I snapped. I’m not sure. But it was the last time Jenny was making a fool of me. I grabbed the baseball bat my dad always left in the umbrella stand. He played with my brother every weekend. The glove was somewhere probably but it wasn’t as if I needed it. I bashed Jenny’s head with the bat. She was so surprised she didn’t even try to defend herself. She didn’t have the time. For the first time, she wasn’t the one hurting me. I was hurting her. I hit her only once but she fell like a puppet without strings. My parents were screaming.

I dropped the bat and after one last look at my house, I walked away. I wasn’t surprised when the police caught up with me. I spent a year in jail. It may have been my first offence but I’d almost killed someone. I didn’t say so during my hearing of course but I fully intended to kill Jenny. She played the victim, said I’d been jealous for years. I got some mitigating circumstances because some students did have the balls to say that Jenny was a bitch. But I still got time. I was 18 after all. Last I heard, Jenny was in jail as well… for causing a fellow college student to commit suicide. Or something. And apparently she doesn’t get used to the way things are. No longer the biggest bully around.

As for me, … well. Life’s not easy. I mean once you’ve been in jail, society doesn’t look at you the same way. But I’ve been doing ok. My first job when I got out gave me the opportunity to meet my partner. We’ve been together 3 years. It’s been good for me. And we ave a first kid on the way. I’m hopeful they’ll have more backbone than I had. Anyway, I’m determined to protect them from the Jennys of the world. Unlike my parents who didn’t do shit. I’m hopeful that some day we may get rid of every last bully on this planet. It probably won’t be in my time – maybe ever – but I sure as hell will give my kids the means to defend themselves.


In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness prompt First/Last and to the Daily Post writing prompt Hopeful

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  1. Michael says:

    Written with such determination Stephanie. I agree how good would it be to rid the world of bullies…Sometimes we do have to stand up to them even if it does have serious consequences….but she was a serious bully wasn’t she…..they do get their own in the end I find….

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    1. Not sure where that came from but I seem to grow more intolerant of bullies as years go by. Not to justify what the protagonist (unsure whether it’s a man or woman) did was right. Not at all but sometimes too much is too much.

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      1. Michael says:

        With age we mellow a bit don’t we. We do become a shade more tolerant in the seconds before the urge to smash them hits us. Hope your new year has been a good one.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It was quiet but that’s what I needed especially since I was working yesterday. Hope yours was good too 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Michael says:

          Mine was fine….quiet and very hot…..but today is cooler and its been raining….don’t work too hard Stephanie…the year has just begun…

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! That is am amazing story! I wanted to bat her too! Good on you for standing up to this heinous creature!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t; the character did 😉.
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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