A World Apart #2 ~ Dragons

Species: Dragons
Gender: male mostly
Lifespan: as short as 200 years and as long as more than 10 000 years.
Alignment: Light/Dark
Height: from 1,5m to 15m long
Build: depending on their origins some are lizard like, others as ethereal as the air they’re made of. Others yet have wings and scales, while some have feathers like birds.
Colour: any range of colour
Reproduction: only the Mother and the two kings can mate once every 200 years. Other dragons are born other ways but not since the Black Brothers’ reign of fear. Dragon can mate with any race although it’s highly likely the mate dies in the process. The kings were born of a dragon and a Sidhe; they can shift shape before mating with
Language: the two kings speak the language of humans and Sidhe but otherwise their communication is mainly through thoughts. Only the Dragon Seer can understand them.
Eyesight: they see farther than 5 km away.
Smell: can smell as far as the Isle of Fire from Eirean
Special abilities: magical link between them, they share thoughts. A prescience of the future among certain races of dragons.
Weaknesses: true silver will kill them and each race of dragon has its own weaknesses.
Diet: carnivorous
Hierarchy: There are two Kings in the Eastern lands, one for the light the other for the dark. And when they choose to, dragons submit to the Riders of Eirean.
Brief History: dragons were the only creatures in the world for some centuries. However after a comet from the stars hit the world, female dragons started dwindling until only one was left, the one they referred to as the Mother. She bore numerous dragons until a wise one (a dragon from the Far Western lands) prophesized a child born of one of hers would destroy her. From then one she ate the children as soon as they hatched.
One night she flew from her nest and was absent when her latest two eggs hatched. A dragon white as snow comes out of the first egg, one black as ebony from the other. The young King of the Sidhe heard their cries of hunger and he came to help them. He fed them brought them to his court where they grew stronger and protected from their mother. From then on an alliance of the Sidhe and the dragons started.
When humans appeared in the world, the dragons were feared then hunted. Except in Eirean where the mortals were closer to the Ancient people of the Sidhe. They respected dragons and here they developed some relationship; then Riders appeared and that bound was strengthened. Dragons dwindled but claimed the Isle of Fire as their own.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s writing prompt #193 A World Apart #2


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  1. This is wonderful Stephanie I especially love the historical section and am very much looking forward to learning more!

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    1. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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