When Mark and Pat renovated the family home, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch.

It was all broken up and the siblings figured they’d repair it. They refurbished old things to sell them. It must be a family thing: their father would’ve thrown it away otherwise. He never kept ‘useless’ stuff around and never understood his kids’ passion for junk.

It took a life of its own though; before they knew it, the bicycle was the center of their world. They fought about it like 8 year old kids over a new toy. Until Mark shoved his sister away and she fell on the porch hitting her head. He thought to check she was ok, but then grinned triumphantly: the bike was his. He jumped on it and rode hard. Exhilarated he let go of pedals and handles. He never saw the tree that killed him.

When Dean and Leah renovated the house they’d bought, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch.

150 words

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Finish Off Friday prompt Bicycle


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  1. Perfectly haunting response to the prompt. The same creepy feeling I got when I saw the bicycle and snapped the picture. Love the last line.
    Thanks for participating in Finish off Fridays.

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    1. Thank you for the prompt. I could see it so clearly when I looked at the photo; it was almost easy to write (cutting it to 150 words was the hard part 😜)


      1. The word count can be a real problem. Sometimes I write sparely with that in mind, other times, like you, I just write, then go back with a sharp knife and pair of scissors.

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        1. At least this time I used scissors not a machete like with our friend the gargoyle 😜


        2. Someday you might find a prompt where you can put the pieces back (if you kept them) and tell the full gargoyle tale?

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        3. I did keep some parts. Not all 😉


  2. kim881 says:

    What a vicious cycle!

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    1. I wanted it to be 😉

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  3. Michael says:

    A killer bike, how good a response is that…

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