The Cure

week-138Daniel had been tracking them for a day when he finally found them. In all honesty, it hadn’t been very difficult. His preys were trudging through the forest carelessly, crushing branches of yew, the only trees strong enough to survive after the catastrophe. They also left marks against the trees or low bushes for any half decent tracker to find. And Daniel was more than a half decent tracker: he was the best, and that was why he was the one on this mission. What troubled him were the footprints: they made no sense to him and he wondered what sort of monstrosity was born of that hell hole and what type of misery they’d bring to their already miserable world.

The toxic fumes, which spread from the old factory a week before were a harbinger of trouble; even more so the watery dross that poured out of it into the river a day later. Already people were getting sick from the poisonous products. Whoever had played god in the factory must be brought to justice and held accountable for what they’d done, what havoc they’d wreaked in the area.

What he found though he wouldn’t have imagined; he couldn’t really. Nobody could. Inwardly Daniel thought he was facing monsters of the same kind that had destroyed the world. One was a machine for sure; rusted if he believed the greenish hue of its chassis. An old humanoid model? They’d been destroyed. Or so he’d believed. The other one… well he could only see the toes: they were human for sure. A scientist and his machine? Could it be?
“ALLIE stop!” A male voice, but filled with pain. The man was hurt.
The machine had carried him through the forest. At least that explained the curious and deep footprints the machine had left for him to track. The machine emitted some noises; obviously something meant to be words, but really it was merely some psittacism he didn’t quite understand. But suddenly his neck prickled in warning.

He made to step back when the man spoke.
“You can approach young man, we won’t hurt you.”
He stepped into the small grove as the machine stepped away from its owner. The man had froth at the mouth, a symptom Daniel was very familiar with. He didn’t have long.
“I know,” said he. “But I found something at the factory. I know how to clean the river and the earth. I need you to bring me to the source of the waters. I haven’t got much time.”
Again, the machine spoke some nonsensical words in its mechanical tones.
“ALLIE says you’ve been tracking us since yesterday. Why didn’t you mention it before ALLIE?”
Daniel could have sworn the machine – female apparently – was blushing.
“What is it?” He asked.
“She. ALLIE’s a she. I made her that way.”
“Why can’t she talk normally?”
“She… saved me from the explosion in the factory two days ago. The fumes affected her speech pattern. She’ll get it back. If you have some cables and portable batteries I can fix her.”
“I’m more worried about you than her. She’s a machine.”
“A precious one young man. She’s the cure.”
How could a machine be the cure? Daniel didn’t know but his mission was to bring these two to the village. And that he would do.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle prompt #138
1. Yew (any of several evergreen, coniferous trees and shrubs: the fine-grained, elastic wood of any of these trees: an archer’s bow made of this wood: this tree or its branches as a symbol of sorrow, death, or resurrection) 2. Harbinger 3. Dross (waste matter; refuse. Metallurgy. a waste product taken off molten metal during smelting, essentially metallic in character. British. coal of little value.) 4. Pour 5. Crush 6. Trudge 7. Prickle 8. Green 9. Inward 10. Psittacism (mechanical, repetitive, and meaningless speech.) 11. Toes 12. Froth
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.

Please, share your words

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