Image: phylor aka Lorraine
Image: phylor aka Lorraine

Footsteps echoed eerily in the fog.
Marisa sped up; she knew the stories. She would snort at them during the day, but at night alone, she was willing to believe that the shack she’d rented was haunted.
Particularly when she couldn’t see past her elbow when she extended her arm: which she wouldn’t do by the way for fear of being grabbed by whatever creature inhabited the woods.
Behind her, the footsteps accelerated similarly. Maybe she was being followed. She didn’t run: no need to let her potential stalker she was onto them. She reached the steps to the shacks and ran up the stairs. Behind her, the steps accelerated too.
Leaning against the door, she breathed in. Outside the silence only… Had it truly been only an echo?


129 words

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Finish Off Friday prompt

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  1. Michael says:

    Yes I think when you are scared you can believe anything is following you…..well done..

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    1. I’m not entirely satisfied with the piece. Feels incomplete but I figured I still needed to publish it even imperfect. So thank you for the compliment.

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      1. Michael says:

        I think its good to recognise we could always improve, gives us something to aim for later…you still wrote very well.

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  2. Only an echo . . . . or what lurks outside. Very atmospheric.

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    1. I didn’t want it to be established for sure. Not my best contribution but well thank you for the prompt 😉


  3. wordswooer says:

    “Behind her, the steps accelerated too.”
    Beautiful line! Rings a bell!!

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    1. Thank you 🙏🏻. What bells if I may? I’m curious. Although I may get my answer when I read others’ contributions to the prompt.

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      1. wordswooer says:

        I remember running upstairs or downstairs all alone late in the evening or at night in childhood days. Scared of my own shadow, I’d have this strong, horrific feeling that something evil was following me. Your post, particularly this line, stirred up those memories and experiences! I could never have described that feeling so beautifully as you do when you say, “Behind her, the steps accelerated too.” Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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        1. Thank you for answering. And for the compliment.
          The truth is that I always felt that way the first night at my grandparents’ place when I was a kid. It is in the middle of nowhere and at night it’s so utterly silent that you can hear the merest sound and sometimes the echo of your feet on the gravel feels like there’s someone following you. 😉


        2. wordswooer says:

          This feels so amazing when somebody’s words strike a chord with you and conjure up some powerful images from the past! I think reading blogs of friends and others is no less pleasant activity than writing newer posts! 🙂

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