100 Book Challenge Update #5

So there certainly won’t be a book review today. Life has a way to remind you that you can’t escape it all the time. There was a death in my family this past week and while I was on a train to go to the funeral and go back home – when most people would have read – I don’t travel well. I never have.

I love travelling, I do. But I’ve got a terrible case of motion sickness and whether I’m in a car, a bus/coach, a train, a ship or a plane, I can’t read or write. The only thing I can do is listen to music and, if I’m lucky, sleep. Heck I get sick in the subway or in the tram/streetcar sometimes. That’s how bad it gets. I’m used to it, mind you but well… it’s not conducive to anything remotely enjoyable or leisurely.

So yes, I am only 15 chapters into Dickens’ Bleak House today. Knowing it’s 67 chapter long, even reading fast I don’t believe I would finish it today and write a half-decent review it for you. It wouldn’t be very honest. I could review another one on the 100 book list that I’ve finished but in all honesty my heart’s not in it today. I may post it later this week or just postpone the entire schedule by one week. I don’t know yet.

I apologize, and I trust you will forgive me for this breach of schedule 😉. I will tell you though that, so far, the book isn’t living up to its name. The house is far from bleak; the main character is rather endearing and not in as bad circumstances as most Dickens’ leading roles are.

Have a wonderful day.


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