A World Apart #5 ~ Characters’ Profiles

So here are the protagonist and antagonist of the story I’ve been working on for a little while (failed to finish it for NaNo this year 😛 ).

The Protagonist

Character Name: Ezariah Seramis
Alias/Nicknames: Zari
Gender: female
Occupation: Mage, Guardian of Givry
Location: Seramis, the Guardians’ Temple…
Birthday/Age: Born on the Dark Day (shortest and last official day of the year); from 10 to 21 y.o.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Type: athletic gone soft at the time the story starts.
Hair (length, color, texture): black hair easily falling in long ringlets down to her waist.
Eye Colour: ocean blue eyes
Skin Colour: almost translucent, visible veins and vessels as only found among pure Blue bloods.
Clothing: adapted to her surrounding and circumstances. She’s known the rich clothing of noble houses and the rags of someone in need.
Race (human, elf, dwarf etc.): human, Blue blood.
Distinguishing Features: a tattoo just above her elbow representing the five families/elements and her belonging to the Guardians of Givry.
Sexual Orientation: at the time we meet her, we don’t know.
Relationship Status: single
Children: none
Personality Traits: proud, stubborn yet vulnerable when it comes to people, she tries to be liked but seems to fail every time.
Likes: music, stories, learning, knowledge
Dislikes: mean people, her powers
Motivation: duty, love, and to a point revenge
Strengths: her magical powers go beyond what a mage from the Blue blood line should hold. She’s a fast learner and she’s got an excellent memory.
Weaknesses: She’s terrified of her powers and what they can do. People treat her like a threat/freak and she’s afraid she is one. So she keeps attempting hiding who she is.
Misc: Ezariah doesn’t know that her sister Helia is only her half-sister, nor does she know her mother died giving birth to her. Her mother predicted her powers, which is why her father was distant, trying not to get attached to a child he would have to send away. Ezariah grew up with the sense that she was never as good and precious as her sister whom she loves more dearly than anyone else.
History: Ezariah was born to Lord Seramis and his first wife, a pure Blue blood. At the age of 10 it is discovered she carries powerful magic when she saves her sister’s life. She’s sent away to study in a protected temple where she proves too powerful for the teachers and other students. Her powers mark her as a Guardian of Givry; she’s sent to their last temple far away from her home. There she is taught the craft and the history of the world until everything is destroyed by Lord Kraken, a former initiate who wants to control all magic and all the world for himself. She and three apprentices survive the massacre having been sent away for a retreat in the woods. When they return, they find one of the masters who before dying explains to them how to re-establish the balance. Ezariah ends up in the capital city, at the castle of the man who has destroyed everything. To accomplish her mission, kill him, she must earn his trust, his love. And she’s never been taught how to navigate a court, whose members are vying for the new Master’s attention, and to navigate feelings she’s never experienced before.

The Antagonist: I’ll be honest, I’m a bit weary about revealing this much about my antagonist because part of Ezariah’s journey is to discover that not everything she believes is (entirely) true. But well, I actually like him so, there you go.

Character Name: Feodor Kraken
Alias/Nicknames: Lord Kraken, His Highness, the Dark Mage…
Gender: male
Occupation: Mage, former Guardian of Givry, currently its ruler
Location: Gravine, capital city of Givry
Birthday/Age: Born on the Longest day of the year (the Gold Day), he’s 24 when he takes over the world, 27/28 at the time Ezariah arrives in Gravine
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 210lbs
Body Type: Trained to be a warrior mage he is tall and muscled. Also believes that the day he finds himself fighting a magician more powerful than he, he needs to know how to fight.
Hair (length, color, texture): his hair is brown with some white mingled in. As years go by the white takes over, showing his White skin’s heritage.
Eye Color: deep brown eyes
Skin Color: white as ice, but some blue vessels are visible.
Clothing: well tailored but discrete clothing. He might look like any wealthy man of the capital city.
Race (human, elf, dwarf etc.): Kraken is the last descendent of the White Skins (not pure blooded though).
Distinguishing Features: the Guardians of Givry’s tattoo is visible just above his elbow. He has a scar running from his right temple to the bottom of his neck, one he earned during a magical battle with the Guardians when he destroyed them.
Sexual Orientation: he’s rumoured to be a man of many appetites but nobody can tell for sure.
Relationship Status: he can have any woman, man or child he wants. He knows though that if he wants the White skin’s line to be revived, he needs a ‘mate’, but that’s all she’ll ever be.
Children: none that he knows of.
Personality Traits: quick to anger, distrustful. Demands the truth though it must fall within his view of it. He’s said to be tyrannic – seeing as he took power killing the previous ruler. His rule is absolute and he can’t stand to be denied or refused in anything. His thirst for knowledge is vast, so is his need for power.
Likes: History, knowledge, power, control.
Dislikes: the Guardians, liars, dogs (they remind him of how his mother died, bitten by a sick one).
From his enemies’ POV: he wants power for himself, to control all magic in the world and prevent the balance of the world so he can throw it into chaos and remain its only saviour. He’s seeking in the archives of the castle the spells to make himself immortal.
From his POV: he wants the truth about what happened during the Great Upheaval 200 years prior. He deems the Guardians responsible for the disappearance of the White Skins and their genocide. He wants to know what History’s been hiding from Givry’s population. And he wants to re-establish the White skins’ bloodline. Power comes with it: fine.
Strengths: he’s said to be the most powerful mage since the Crazy One (Ezariah’s ancestor) and he’s mastered the magic of all 5 elements, the first magician to ever accomplish this. He’s extremely clever and knowledgeable.
Weaknesses: dogs frighten him though few people realize it. Though he’s distrustful he’s lonely and seeks connection. No one seems to be enough.
Misc: Kraken’s mother was the last of the White Skins, the last descendant of the family that survived the Great Upheaval. Kraken’s the youngest member to ever join the Guardians.
History: Kraken was born in the Blue Blood family of Kraken, though his mother was from the Featherwild’s family. Theirs was the ruling family until the Great Upheaval, something he discovered when training with the Guardians. At the age of 5, his mother died from an infected dog bite protecting her son from being bitten. That was when Kraken’s powers were revealed but he couldn’t save her. He killed the dog instead though unwittingly. His father decided to send him to the Guardians though with reluctance, fearing what his son might become. During his years at the temple, Kraken finds out about his mother’s family and about some parts of History that weren’t released. He’s drawn to mistrust the Guardians although he finishes his training and becomes a Master Warrior Mage. What he does during the next 3 years is unknown but when he returns he’s changed, darker colder and intent on destroying the Guardians and opening the Gate they keep closed. It’s said to be the Gate to the other worlds; a chance for the one who detains the key to travel at will and gather power from other places. After he defeats the Grand Master – so not unscathed – he claims the key and lays waste to the temple. Unknown to him, another key exists that is entrusted to apprentices he hasn’t killed so they may destroy him and re-establish the balance of the world.
When Ezariah meets him some 4 odd years later he’s a cynical ruler who’s yet failed to attain his lifelong goal : immortality (as Ezariah and everyone else believe) or a way to bring back the white skins’ power into Givry…

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s World Apart challenge #5


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  1. What an outstanding job Stephanie! She sounds absolutely beautiful. Vivid character portrayal, she will make a wonderful heroine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. I hope I can maintain the flaws throughout. It’s tough; pride is so insidious 😉.
      I’m also working on the antagonist but he’ll come after I return from my zumba class 😜😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol have fun I can’t wait

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve updated the post with my antagonist’s information if you should remain curious about him 😉 .


        2. I will go have a look =)

          Liked by 1 person

  2. A formidable foe! I love how you offered his motivation in his POV and in the POV of his enemies it really adds depth to the character. I also love all the details you’ve dropped in because from it I can tell that you have a very developed world and system of government. Exciting stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve reworked the entire world with your World Apart prompts. They actually helped me figure out what the “other worlds” were, what they might reveal and why the gates were closed. That’s what ended up stopping my writing during NaNo so truly thank you for these 🙏🏻, they’ve helped tremendously giving volume to my world and story.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t tell you how much that means to me Stephanie =) You have something really special here!

        Liked by 1 person

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