One Too Much

The liquid was hovering between kermes , mauve and amaranthine depending on the light on its movement. It almost seemed a sea with waves that made Julia slightly nauseous. She turned away from the erythraean waters walking on a beach of albicant sands: it was almost too bright for her eyes.

Everything seemed to be; from skies here of an azure so pure it blinded, there of a soft heliotrope as if it didn’t know whether it was noon or twilight. Even the clouds were too white and not their normal greige or hoary hues. She couldn’t keep her eyes up nor straight it seemed; she had to shade them with her hand. That too seemed to have taken a deep sarcoline tint.

The patches of green were just as vivid; in many ways they looked as if rain had fallen upon them merely a day before, yet the heat was undeniable. But if the blinding saffron sun allowed her to, she might appreciate the celadon and aubergine of the irises happily mingling with the vermilion or haematic roses and their viridian thorns. She could enjoy the virid and the violescent of the pansies, the chartreuse hues of the dandelions or the xanthic tulips and jacinthes.

She blinked, as a pair of cerulean eyes came into her field of vision. It was framed in an eburnean face with cinnabar lips and sable curls. How could such a pale creature survive under the burning sun? And why did she wear such bright colour; the smaragdine tunic over madder skirt didn’t help Julia’s headache. That was what it was: a headache. A migraine more like.
“Are you ok Julia?”
“I don’t know.”

Everything swayed around her, the world lost all its colours: a blessing. For a second. She felt sick… opened her eyes again to face another pair of irises, this time leaning towards a lovat hue. It wasn’t the same person: they had russet hair instead and a titian tunic with a tilleul pair of trousers.
“Honey, you look like you’re going to be sick?”
“Must be turning isabelline or flavescent.”
The eyebrows knotted in concern. There was a question his Eric’s eyes.
“Colours… Too bright.”

Again the world turned upside down; this time though she was in her husband’s arms. She remembered… they’d come to Siddarth and Leslie’s housewarming party; she’d even worn a citrine over dress and mazarine skirt to highlight her zinnober eyes. But the glass of red wine in the middle of the day, especially by this temperature hadn’t been a good idea. She needed to sleep it off. She should have known better.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt Peculiar

albicant: whitish; becoming white, amaranthine: immortal; undying; deep purple-red colour, aubergine:  eggplant; a dark purple colour, azure: light or sky blue; the heraldic colour blue, celadon: pale green; pale green glazed pottery, cerulean: sky-blue; dark blue; sea-green, chartreuse: yellow-green colour, cinnabar: red crystalline mercuric sulfide pigment; deep red or scarlet colour, citrine: dark greenish-yellow, eburnean: of or like ivory; ivory-coloured, erythraean: reddish colour, flavescent: yellowish or turning yellow, greige: of a grey-beige colour, haematic: blood coloured, heliotrope: purplish hue; purplish-flowered plant; ancient sundial; signalling mirror, hoary: pale silver-grey colour; grey with age, isabelline: greyish yellow, jacinthe: orange colour, kermes: brilliant red colour; a red dye derived from insects, lovat: grey-green; blue-green, madder: red dye made from brazil wood; a reddish or red-orange colour, mauve:  light bluish purple, mazarine: rich blue or reddish-blue colour, russet: reddish brown, sable: black; dark; of a black colour in heraldry, saffron: orange-yellow, sarcoline: flesh-coloured, smaragdine: emerald green, tilleul: pale yellowish-green, titian: red-gold, reddish brown, vermilion: bright red, violescent: tending toward violet, virid: green, viridian: chrome green, xanthic: yellow, zinnober: chrome green


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  1. Michael says:

    You achieved peculiar in the most colourful way..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 Thank you 🙏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oloriel says:

    A strange and enticing tale, I really liked how you ended it and how you wove the imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much 🙏🏻🙏🏻


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