“He was an absolute demon in bed.”
“He was an absolute demon in everything, dude, he’s an actual demon.”
“Well he was…” There was sadness in Eleanor’s voice.
“Dude you’re not actually mourning. He had to die.”
“But he saved us.”
Lia shrugged. He may have been a demon, corrupted and perverted, but he didn’t deserve the end he met. And she’d loved him. At least she thought she did. She definitely remembered how they first met. She couldn’t know her memory of their first encounter was actually wrong.


Jason considered his options; he knew a few days ago that things hadn’t gone according to plans. He could either let it rest or he could…
“Mr. Dark, there’s someone here to see you.”
He didn’t have any meeting planned; and he didn’t like surprises. Although he could always go back. He smoothed some of the papers on his desk, just as the door opened.

The woman who walked in entered like a breath of air; there was something about her that was at once fragile and indomitable. Maybe it was her flaming hair that spoke of pure freedom, but her freckled skin and blue eyes told another story. But she wasn’t here for herself. He could tell.
“Hello Ms…?”
“… Ms. Fairfield.”
He’d heard that name before.
“What do I owe the pleasure?”
“I come about the Collins case.”
Oh yes, she was the lawyer causing so much trouble.
“What about it Ms. Fairfield?”

He rubbed his fingers together… he might rewind time before the end of this meeting after all. The Collins case; he hadn’t taken much care of it because it seemed easy. Anyone should have been able to handle it. But it’d apparently become a problem. That meant two issues to deal with. Except he didn’t know precisely when the Collins’ case went wrong. He hadn’t followed it. Such things as time warps required precision. And he was always a precise man; one must be to achieve success, which he did.

The young woman was speaking but…
“You’re not listening to me Mr. Dark.”
“No. Indeed, I wasn’t. I was wondering why I didn’t get the chance to meet you before. You’ve been involved in the case since…”
“Its inception. I represent the Collinses.”
“And why are you seeing me? One of our partners is in charge.”
“Mr. Locke is… well I’d rather speak with someone who can make a decision.”
“What makes you think they can’t?”
“He said so himself.”
Back and forth it went; the law was easily interpreted here. And he was an expert at interpreting the law; one thing he’d learned over time is that any rule could be made to fit your purpose. The Collinses should never win their case. But their lawyer… she was attractive. Maybe he could ensure to meet her in different circumstances. At least, as she left he knew where it all went wrong. And when.


Jason considered his options; he could let it rest or he could rewind time again. He didn’t like to repeatedly return to previous state of things. It became chaotic to recall each possible evolution. Not that it mattered to him but he wasn’t always his own boss. In this instance he couldn’t win both the Collins’s and the Thatcher’s cases. One didn’t disappoint his client without consequences. The question was: which one was less important in the long term? Intervening on the Collins’ file had changed things: he’d met Ms. Fairfield but in a different setting and she’d been a lot less friendly.
“Mr. Dark? Ms. Fairfield is here to meet you.”

When she came in, a breath of air entered his room. Except there was some fire there and the air crackled. She was angry.
“What you’re doing is illegal Mr. Dark.”
He raised an eyebrow, pretending incomprehension. Nothing he did was illegal, sometimes it was borderline, but never breaking the law. That would disrupt his plan and the grand scheme of things. It wasn’t all his decision after all.
“The tempering of evidence?”
“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”
He truly didn’t. Something he hadn’t seen. Maybe it wasn’t the case but the junior partner assigned. Someone he hadn’t vetted but didn’t have much choice to hire. Came from high up. Or rather from deeper down… one could wonder.
That time when she left he made two decisions. The person in charge of the different cases would be changed.


Facing his client Jason considered his options. He’d tried everything he could; he’d changed the circumstances and the odds more time than ever on this case. But he couldn’t win. Not both. And the client wanted both. As well as Eleanor. But that he couldn’t allow. He wasn’t averse to bending the rules; he’d done that many times over the millennia but breaking them… He wouldn’t go there; because he knew the chaos actually breaking the rules would cause.
For the first time in a long while Jason found he cared. His life may be above mortals but they weren’t just tools.
“You failed.”
“You want too much.”
“Actually right now I want only one thing.”
The door opened and to his utter disgust, Eleanor was pushed in with her friend Lia. He may not like the latter but she didn’t deserve to be a collateral. He cast a look of contempt towards his client.
“You can rewind time and give me all three. Or you can save her soul with yours.”
“You think I’m stupid enough to let you absorb everything I am?”
“What the fuck is he talking about Jason?”
“Eleanor just shut up, please.”

He stopped time, something risky considering who he was facing. But he had to. He reached for the moment when Eleanor was assigned the Collins’ case. That was why his client wanted her. Just as he touched Eleanor and Lia’s hands, something hit his back.
“You’ll remember this time. Stay away from the Collins’ case, Eleanor.
Time wrapped but he burnt.

998 words.

In response to Deviant Art Flash Fiction Month July 8 prompt. (underlined the numbers that got generated for my challenge 😉 )

pastedGraphic.png ELEMENT ONE: The End
The end before you’ve even begun? That’s right. Grab a d4, it’s time to decide the fate of your story.

  1. Your story ends happily for the protagonist.
  2. Your story ends tragically for the protagonist.
  3. Your story ends comically for the protagonist.
  4. Your protagonist dies. Note that this does not necessarily have to be a “bad” ending.

pastedGraphic.png ELEMENT TWO: Super Weight
No, not like oversize superheroes! A character’s super weight, as described by this TV Tropes article, is a measure of a character’s ability to influence the world around them (summarized below.) Use a d6 to determine the strength fate has granted your protagonist.

  1. Iron Weight. These characters can push the upper limits of what a human is capable of, but is technically achievable through training and determination.
  2. Abnormal Weight. These characters have abilities, traits, or talents that are supernatural / superhuman, but are otherwise normal next to a regular human.
  3. Super Weight. These characters are no longer normal, and have powers that can be used in a variety of ways. This is your standard superhero weight.
  4. Hyper Weight. These characters can cause, stop, or reverse large-scale disasters, and can warp or break the laws of physics.
  5. World Weight. These characters have powers that can affect entire worlds and often include the likes of reality warpers and pseudo-deities.
  6. Cosmic Weight. These characters wield powers beyond observable human science. They are tremendously powerful, often in both ability and intellect.

pastedGraphic.png ELEMENT THREE: Character Alignment
Where does your character fall on the sliding scale of Good and Evil, Law and Chaos? Conveniently summarized in another TV Tropes article, a character’s alignment dictates how they react in certain situations and behave when no one is watching. Equip your mighty d8 for this one, and face the fate your character has chosen for themselves!

  1. Lawful Good. This character believes in truth and justice, and will work hard to preserve them, even stepping into harm’s way to do so.
  2. Neutral Good. This character is just an all-around good person. While they might not go out of their way to throw themselves into danger for a stranger, they’re honest and fair when no one is looking.
  3. Chaotic Good. This character knows what’s right and wrong, but those annoying things like “Law” and “Honor” just seem to get in the way. They aren’t afraid to break the law for the greater good.
  4. Lawful Neutral. This character obeys the law to a T, sometimes past the point of what we’d call morally “right.” They are just as likely to stop a burglar as they are to evict a family for not paying rent.
  5. Chaotic Neutral. This character is all about freedom. Don’t tie them down with things like rules or regulations, they’re just here for fun! Or money. Or maybe they’re just crazy. We don’t know.
  6. Lawful Evil. This character is not afraid to bend the rules, but would probably never break them. The law is their plaything, and they will happily manipulate it to get what they want. Just as likely to be an honorable thief as a corrupt bureaucrat.
  7. Neutral Evil. This character pursues their interests at any cost. Rules and laws mean as little to them as life and sympathy – the ends will always justify their means, and their ends often align with their whims.
  8. Chaotic Evil. This character is as likely to blackmail you for your kingdom as he is to stab you in the kidney because he’s bored. Breaking the law is often their idea of fun; insanity tends to be at least partially present in most.

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