Bitter End

“I was in love with a man the world did not want me to have.”
She shrugged; why did people decide that someone should or should not love another being?
“Don’t you know at all?”
Of course she did. Now. But not then. She hadn’t understood. She’d rebelled, she’d cried but nothing did anything. And they sent him away nobody knew where. Well nobody who would tell her.

She’d been depressed for months until she decided to take things into her own hands. She’d gone to one of the few people in the realm who wouldn’t lie; they wouldn’t because they were paid to tell the truth and by accepting payment they were bound by the truth.
“You went to see a Reader?”
“Alright. And then…”

The Reader took one look at her hand, and one sniff of the handkerchief she’d kept from him. And then said one sentence.
“Your twin is never coming back Miss. They killed him.”
How could they be twins? They hadn’t grown up in the same house, they didn’t even look like one another. Why had their parents lied? The Reader revealed something about a secret, a prophecy. The boy had to be kept away or he would be the cause of great calamity.

She’d gone to someone else then: for a spell. She looked down at her left hand, devoid of its ring finger, where she might once have born the ring the man she loved gave her. A small price and yet a dear one, for no man or woman could sit on the High Throne, should their body be spoiled in any way. She’d deprived the royal line of its heir. And then she’d done more.
She remembered the day the spell was unleashed. She’d laughed madly, as the darkness spread and swallowed every person who knew or had been involved in this treacherous secret. She just hadn’t expected this many…

“Was the price not too high? The spell you had woven has been a calamity for the entire world. It’s not to be repealed until you forgive. Won’t you forgive them? Won’t you give the world a chance?”
“Why? I was in love with a man the world did not want me to have.”

375 words

In response to Deviant Art Flash Fiction Month July 12 prompt
Theme: calamity
Prompt: I was in love with a man the world did not want me to have. – by OnLinedPaper


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