Fragile Prison

They ensured the sealing of the portal was complete. Once they did, the members of the circle finally breathed easier. It had been weeks since they last rested. Now they could. Although all knew the power lying behind the sealed door was merely dormant and not destroyed.

They didn’t have the strength or magic to annihilate it; some might even argue such a power was necessary to bring back balance in the world. But its means could turn destructive and so it must be contained.

They could only hope nobody would ever find the room, nor the glass ceiling imprisoning the creature. It seemed such a fragile jail; yet no other would work for the being couldn’t stand glass or its reflection.

But hope is such a slim thing; and magicians newly awakened to their power and knowledge could sometimes be foolish. It was only a matter of time before the dormant power awoke again and broke free of his prison.


In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturday prompt sealing/ceiling
And to the Daily Post writing prompt Dormant


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