100 Book Challenge ~ Mamma Update

I came home with my little miracle last Sunday and this week has proved one thing: I have some adjusting to do to juggle the duties of a new parent, the daily chores – even if my husband is tremendously helping with both – and my hobbies.

It’s safe to say I will need to spend less time reading more time resting because unlike his cousins, who slept through the night from day 2 or 3, Calvin seems intent on being awake most nights from 11pm midnight till 4 o’clock. I guess I’ll have to tell my brother he was lucky with his daughters.

Anyway, it’s an even bigger change than I imagined and I’m a bit too tired to tackle one book per week let alone write a decent review. It probably doesn’t help that the book I’m reading right now A Suitable Boy is more than 1200 pages filled with so many cultural and historical elements that are mostly alien to me and as such require a closer reading than something I’m already familiar with.

So at least for the next little while – might be a couple of months or six who knows? – I will review a book every two weeks. I’m hoping it might give me some time to write a bit more too and return to some prompts that I enjoy a lot like the Wordle Mondays and Tale Weaver Thursdays from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturdays.

Hopefully I can do that, which I haven’t been able to in a couple of months due t exhaustion. And it’s only starting I can hear you parents tell me 😉😉. Wish me luck.


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  1. Michael says:

    As you are finding out Stephanie every child is different. I always take with a grain of salt claims from people who say their baby slept from from day one…..mine didn’t though thankfully they all weren’t as demanding as some were. But its a great journey to be on and I’m sure Calvin will settle down. I know there were moments when my kids were little and crying at 2am when I thought ‘surely they won’t be like this forever’ as like you I juggled parenting, work and household. It does get better… Best wishes and hang in there with him, its all worth it…
    Incidentally, my son Lucas is exhibiting in Paris later this month. So you never know where they might end up.

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    1. I did see your post about your son’s exhibit but not where it was held exactly.
      I’m not too worried about him settling down it’s just it breaks my heart when he cries and I can’t figure out why. I must admit I didn’t think I’d be one of these women hit by the baby blues. Yet I was/am. We’ve wanted him for such a long time and it’s been a bit of an obstacle course that I fear to fail and that is tiring too. But I trust it’ll get better.
      Truth is we were with my brother on day 2 and for 5 days after his second child’s birth. She did sleep through the nights but afternoons were complicated. I guess he takes after his dad who is both a night owl and an early bird. Sometimes I wonder when my husband sleeps though he did sleep 4 hours straight on the sofa this afternoon with Calvin on his chest and both slept like logs 😂😂 (wish they both did this at night instead 😜).

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      1. Michael says:

        Let me say that you won’t fail for no matter what happens Calvin will be his own person reflecting his mother and father obviously. I think sometimes the worst thing we do as new parents is compare our child to someone elses. Each child is different as are their parents. Perhaps a gentle hint to your husband about having naps between midnight and 4am might be worth a try?


      2. Michael says:

        Here is a link to the Paris art fair:

        I know today he had to have his work ready to send over.


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