The Girl who Loved Winter

When Sophie woke up that day, she squealed with glee – she could have woken up the whole house but she didn’t really care. And nobody woke up anyway so… They all slept late during vacation. But who would stay in bed when fun could be had? From her window, Sophie could see that the ground and the trees were covered with snow.

Humming, she dressed up in layers; she knew it would be chilly outside. Freezing even. Last time they came to the cottage for winter break, it was -20C. She grabbed her winter coat and mitts before going down. She carefully prepared her breakfast and ate silently. Now the first moment of excitement was gone, she wanted the new snow just for herself. She could draw snow angels and make a snowman before Dylan was up. Ah!

She tiptoed through the kitchen and into the hall where she found her boots. She laced them with care before getting out the door. She ran about the house leaving footprints in the pristine snow. She stood on the house steps before jumping feeling how the snow softened her landing. She loved snow. She loved it.

She grew snow angels. She jumped up and down listening to the crunchy sound the snow made under her boots. After building a snowman she prepared her ammo. When Dylan came out she would throw dozens of pellets at him and he would look like a snowman. She laughed at the thought; her brother would scowl before trying to catch her. But she would run and run.

She was so focused on her task, she never saw the individual coming through the trees. And before she could even scream there was a hand on her mouth to muffle the sound. What Dylan found that day when he came out, ready to be attacked by his 12 year old sister, was one of her mitts beside the snowman she’d built.

Thanks to the snow the police were able to track them but too late for the little girl who loved winter.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s prompt Saturday Mix Same but Different.
1. blanket 2. cushion 3. cold 4. ball 5.person

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