He didn’t want to do it, but what choice did he have? If he didn’t go, his father would punish him. It was better not to think of the punishments. Although it was hard to deny their consequences. He was still limping from the last.
So up he went into the tower where she stayed, prisoner until a knight defeated the Dark Magician who laid his curse upon her.

When he entered she was seated by the window, as ever. Wondering whether someday she would be saved. And like every other time, he couldn’t help but think she was beautiful. 
“Have you come to remind me of my plight?”

Of course he had and yet how could he? She needed no reminder, sitting here, her leg shackled to the post she would stand on once she turned into a hawk again. 
“No lady, I have come to speak with you.”
No matter what his father said, he loved her. So discuss they did. That day and the ones after. She spoke of things they could do if she were free. She even touched him. 

Her feelings for him became obvious over time, and in his happiness he decided he would be the knight freeing her. He was but an apprentice in the Dark arts compared to his father but he knew much already.

There were things he knew too that most would-be rescuer’s didn’t. They all thought they needed to come by night when she was in her human form, that a kiss would seal their fate. Idiots! His father was at his strongest at night; no he must be fought during the day. Once he was gone, the curse would be too. 

It was such an easy thing in the end; he dosed his father’s food with a Sleeping Draught and cut his throat. It wept blood everywhere. But when the blood disappeared and his father’s ghost appeared, his hands flew to his mouth so he didn’t scream.
“Have I been such a bad Father? Betrayals has many faces child. You’ll need my strength.”
He screamed when his father’s ghost went through him and vanished.

Unsettled, he went up to the tower. She stood by the window, confused as she looked at her hands.
“What happened?”
“You’re free my love. My father is gone.”
He unlocked the shackle. Taking her hand, he led her down and out of the castle. 
“Let’s return you to your realm my dear.”

She followed him to the border between the Dark Magician’s domain and her father’s. He knew they’d arrived when he saw the soldiers. They all had arrows pointed towards him. He chuckled. He may be an apprentice to his father’s power but weapons held no threat to him. 
“Let me go to them,” she said. “They’ll know you’re an ally.”
So he did, following her a few steps behind. But as soon as she crossed, she yelled.
“Fire at will.”

Unthinking, he shielded himself. 
She laughed, cruel and haughty.
“Did you truly think I could love someone so ugly and pathetic? You’re worse than your father. At least he was powerful.”

He laughed. Though his heart broke into pieces he laughed. And called upon his father’s power, which rested inside him. 
“Ugly and pathetic am I?” He changed himself with his magic, revealing the man he could have become, had she loved him. She gasped. “Then hear my curse shallow princess. What children you bear will be as ugly as your heart is. When they come to me, I’ll welcome them as my own.”

With that, he disappeared.

599 words

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver prompt The Evil/Dark Side

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael says:

    A strong and powerful piece of writing Stephanie, lovely to see you writing again for MLMM. Hope you are doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am. Thank you. Struggling to balance work and personal life but all’s good.
      Always a pleasure to take part. Thanks for the prompt. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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