Disappointing Victory

The neon glow enveloped the city built by and for corporations.

From the penthouse he staid in, he smiled. In the end, he would win. He didn’t even have to try that hard. He merely had to spread crumbs here and there; they had done the rest.

He laughed; they called him the Tempter but really with men it was so easy it was barely temptation. Money and power had become the only gods men worshipped. They’d given themselves up to greed, envy and vanity. He had but to watch, as they did all the work.

In the end, he would win a bet made millennia ago when Job was merely one soul to tempt. And he laughed again. Still there was a bitter sorrow within him.
“Why do you love them so Father? They are so weak. Turning away from you at every chance. We loved you without fail.”

139 words

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s First Line Friday prompt

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