From Blog to Book

She’d always been shy, awkward in her own skin. Years of bullying at school had made her even more afraid of interacting with new people, or not new for that matter. From shy, she’d gone solitary, remote. Some who didn’t know her thought she believed herself better than her peers. She didn’t but her peers terrified her.

The internet was an amazing discovery for her; it allowed her to ‘meet’ people without undergoing the entire social aspect of it. She could entertain conversations with strangers from other countries on subjects she’d never dare broach in a social setting. And nobody thought her weird for it. Like the fact she’d invented stories in her head since she was a kid. She didn’t even want to imagine what reaction and bullying it would have prompted in school.

Sure there were the occasional flaming events where she wondered whether it was better than real life but all in all she loved it. She felt safe; with the support of some members of the community she started trusting herself enough to share her writing. 

That was when she moved to blogging; privately at first. Only people invited to the blog could see. And then because she couldn’t stop writing any more than she could stop breathing, she made her blog public. Reviews started to pour in; positive and less so. All were the good kind because it helped her improve her skills.

She expanded her comfort zone, writing in many genre she’d never have imagined tackling when she started sharing her stories. Surprisingly it was a horror story – a genre she struggled with – that got her noticed. A simple one – just one thousand words – but powerful the editor said. 

Fame came her way; something she hadn’t planned. Something that scared her. But she embraced it in her own way. She took it one step at a time to control the shyness that still characterized her. Thankfully her audience embraced that shyness, the awkwardness. 

It was another few years before they actually published a novel she’d been working since before the internet. She allowed herself a few tears that day; the work of a lifetime and it did see the light of day.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s prompt Tale Weaver #218 Blogging

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