A World Apart #5 ~ Characters’ Profiles

So here are the protagonist and antagonist of the story I’ve been working on for a little while (failed to finish it for NaNo this year 😛 ). The Protagonist Character Name: Ezariah Seramis Alias/Nicknames: Zari Gender: female Occupation: Mage, Guardian of Givry Location: Seramis, the Guardians’ Temple… Birthday/Age: Born on the Dark Day (shortest…

Generous Gift

The mist was always there: morning, noon, evening and night. From spring to autumn, from Midsummer day to Yule. They’d all grown up knowing that the fog was dangerous. Those who tried to cross it, who dared to enter it never returned. They were lost to their family, parents, spouse, siblings or children. Legends and…

The Woman on the Train

Sitting on the train, playing with the charm bracelet at her wrist, Nathalie wondered whether this time would be the one. He’d promised. As she looked up, ready to leave, she noticed another woman opposite her. Their gaze met and for that moment Nathalie felt she’d been watching her. It didn’t last, as the woman…

Into the Woods

Annabelle spun around slowly, trying to determine which way to go. She’d never been particularly good at orientating herself; but who could expect her to know where the North was underneath a canopy of foliage? The trees hid the forest, which in turn hid the path to her destination. And now she wondered. Had she…

Silence of Music

Instruments vibrate Telling a musical tale Talented artists. She stands in the wing smiling Through the silence. No sound. Deaf. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Sound

Bleak House ~ Charles Dickens ~ 100 Book Challenge

Bleak House is the second Dickens’ book on the 100 book list. It was a bit disturbing because the narrative is written from two perspectives: one is Esther Summerson’s narrative written in the first person in the past tense, the other from an omniscient narrator perspective in the present tense. You switch from one to…

#tuesdayuseitinasentence ~ Live

They live their life as if it were shot live for some reality TV show. ©scolpron2017 ___________________________________________ Here are the prompt rules: Make a sentence with the word of the week. Leave it as just a sentence or write a post to go with it. Try to do it on Tuesday. Include the hashtag #tuesdayuseitinasentence….

Broken Mind

She’d settled down in the gardens… she loved the gardens. She liked the massive bushes and the voluminous groups of flowers: here roses, there tulips, even some pansies. And in the cracks of the small pathway, some dandelions grew. She liked flowers, she loved the smell. Sometimes she would gather fallen petals and put them…

End of the Journey

It was the hissing cat that brought them together; he remembered that. Of all things possible. He might have laughed at the irony, if there had been any laughter left. They’d hated each other from the moment they met; or rather they’d hated each other’s way of life, as much as they hated their own….

Surviving Pain

His finger ran the length of her jaw; she trembled. Had she been able to, she’d have recoiled from the touch. The tips of his fingers were as many scraping knives on her skin. She was nauseous, her stomach heaving, as she almost retched. She was aware of every single nerve, tingling in terrified anticipation….

Shelter Of Desire

Lush and inviting A welcoming shelter offered Her curves call to him. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Lush.