Evening Secret

It was late afternoon, almost night, when Theodora arrived at the House. It was the perfect hour: there weren’t many people yet so she could pass discreetly. Hoping to go unnoticed would be pointless for there were others like her who had already arrived to prepare for a night of revel. But none knew who…

Left Behind

His eyes followed the swallows in flight but really he didn’t see them; their back and forth movement just induced an ambedo he couldn’t escape even if he tried. How long had he been sitting at that window? He couldn’t have said; it didn’t matter. He didn’t really care. Watching the birds, the clouds passed…

A Little Bit of Blooming Luck

He’d focused on his duty: gold. What human could find the feet of a rainbow anyway? Magicians. Just his luck: turned into a garden gnome. ©scolpron2017 In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Finish Off Friday Prompt and to the Daily Post writing prompt Luck

A short update

There’s nothing abstract about pain; almost. It’s something that one experiences physically whether the suffering is physical or emotional. My post will be short and a stream of consciousness since I can’t expect to write anything very thoughtful right now: the pain is bearable but a bit much for creative writing today. I haven’t been…

Happy, Happiest

The memories were vivid, as if everything happened the day before. In many ways it had. And today was just the happiest day of all the happy days she could have hoped for. She remembered the project: that was what it became after a while, although a child should never really be a project, should…

Moment Of Truth

Without a warning The flames consumed both of them Unfettered and wild. Lost in the throes of desire The masks fell away. Truth shared. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Desire

Silence of Music

Instruments vibrate Telling a musical tale Talented artists. She stands in the wing smiling Through the silence. No sound. Deaf. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Sound

Shelter Of Desire

Lush and inviting A welcoming shelter offered Her curves call to him. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Lush.

Touching Discovery

She heard the steps upon the front porch before her mother. “They’re here.” “Are they already?” She could discern the trepidation in her mother’s tone. Once upon a time, she wouldn’t have heard it, her mother could have hidden her anxiety. But not anymore. Ten years was long enough to learn how to read people….


Hair. Everywhere. On her pillow, in the bathroom, in the shower when she washed. She knew it must happen but it didn’t make it easier. She was constantly torn between annoyance – she felt as if she were vacuuming every day – and sorrow. She’d always been so proud of her hair, she’d always found…

Heart’s Choices

The only choice in Life is to love as you will. She loves her girlfriend. Society will resist, Condemn her choice. She won’t care. ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Resist


On top of the world She sat like a golden queen Successful, lonely. What measures the happiness Of one who has all they want? ©scolpron2017 In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Successful